Future of mobility

Safer Smarter Greener

Welcome to the future

Human-centric, smart and green.

Smart customers aspire vehicles that deliver climate change neutrality, best-in-class features and safety. No compromises.

We are putting these progressive ideas into action. Leaner designs, cleaner materials, greener powertrains and purposeful recycling will make our vehicles more aspirational.

Future-ready technologies – hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, efficient fuel delivery systems, battery electric powertrains and hydrogen fuel cell powered electric will accelerate the adoption of clean mobility. Our vision, commitment and capability are bringing the promise of tomorrow closer.

We are spearheading the transition to sustainable, connected and safer mobility. Combining our core strength in engineering with innovative technologies and a human-centric design philosophy, we are transforming our entire product portfolio, value chain and operations.

We are exploring every new opportunity to create augmented experiences for customers, in line with their aspirations, needs and lifestyle.

Our focused investments in developing world-class, new-age powertrains will drive super performance – noiseless and with zero emissions. Continually decarbonising mobility is essential to achieve our goal of Net Zero by 2045.

First in India to mainstream EVs for people mobility, we are now making EVs more purposeful and accessible with a full suite of solutions across personal, public and cargo transport.

Future of mobility is customer focussed

Mobility solutions are prioritising user experience and design. Choose your preferred vehicle configurations, amenities, climate control, entertainment options, preferred routes and services and the vehicle will remember it all.

Intuitive interfaces, ergonomic seating, and comfortable interiors with user-friendly mobile applications and digital platforms for booking, navigation and accessing services deliver on the promise of a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Emphasis is on building a community of users by transparently sharing information, empowering customers to make decisions effortlessly with the right guidance, delivering the right pricing and quality services, and fostering a continual mutually beneficial relationship.




Future of mobility is agile

The traditional concept of mobility is fast evolving with technological advancements, changing consumer preferences and the need for sustainable transportation.

Agile mobility relies heavily on connectivity, data and analytics for dynamic routing, seamless traffic flows and predictive maintenance.

On-demand availability of optimal transport requires smooth integration of its various modes for a comfortable and efficient end-to-end journey.

By continually optimising our mobility solutions with the power of big data, we are enhancing user experience.




Future of mobility is inclusive

Mass mobility is witnessing a momentous change, turning greener and versatile. Innovative operating models promoting 'Mobility as a Service' are unlocking newer opportunities and fuelling aspirations of a nation on the move.

We are actively driving this by running India’s largest fleet of modern, eco-friendly buses and providing thousands of all-electric sedans to leading taxi service providers.

By collaborating with start-ups, scale-ups and like-minded enterprises on electrification, connectivity, digital services, metaverse, intelligent enterprise, green manufacturing and supply chain, we are working on multiple fronts, all converging to make new-age mobility accessible and more inclusive.




Future of mobility is circular

We are optimising the present and moving determinedly towards a circular economy approach. A comprehensive circularity framework adapted from the models recommended by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) guides this transition.

Across the product lifecycle, we have identified several processes for positive interventions to favour greener product development. We design vehicles with easy disassembly at end-of-life stage. By encouraging higher use of sustainable materials, extending the life of parts with proper maintenance, repair and re-use, and enabling responsible scrapping with maximum recycling, we are advancing our environmental goals



Reuse and

Future of mobility is human-centric

There is a growing emphasis on designing mobility systems and solutions that prioritise convenience and safety.

Making mobility accessible translates to designing vehicles and infrastructure that accommodates diverse needs and enables their equitable access. Options to meet individual needs and preferences is expanding the range of customisable features in vehicles.

Connected vehicles, smart infrastructure and improved data sharing will accelerate seamless mobility, reduce travel times and enhance comfort. Passengers will fully enjoy their digital lives while on the move, transcending commutes and travel from being a chore to an enriching part of life.




Future of mobility is noiseless

Our congested cities are forcing people to seek healthier and serene living. The transition to EVs will create a quieter, peaceful and more liveable neighbourhoods.

With innovations designed to minimise vehicle noise using advanced insulation, sound-dampening materials and improved aerodynamics, we are making our vehicles quieter. Smart vehicles using sensors to counteract specific sounds and frequencies, will further reduce in-cabin noise to provide a calmer and comfortable experience.




Future of mobility is Net Zero

For a world grappling with the impact of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a priority. We are aspiring to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2045.

By democratising the adoption of EVs, developing specific heavy-duty applications using hydrogen and biofuels and using renewable energy sourced from solar and wind power for manufacturing and charging, we will reduce our carbon footprint.

Purposeful collaborations between policy makers, regulators, industry and customers will drive the transformation towards sustainable and environment friendly mobility.




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