Life @ Tata Motors

Innovate. Celebrate. Repeat.

Why Tata Motors?

Unleash your potential in an aspirational organisation, where tradition meets innovation and passion drives success. Join our dynamic workforce, where growth and teamwork are not just goals, but a way of life. We prioritise your well-being because we know that happy, healthy employees create a thriving workplace. Experience more than just financial rewards – be part of a culture that values you and enables your holistic development.

Our culture

Thriving together

More When One – We believe in being bold in action, owning every opportunity, fostering collaboration, supporting each other’s growth and celebrating collective achievements. Together, we create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential and contribute to our shared success.


Be bold

Taking calculated risks is key to making progress. We act with confidence and agility to accomplish our goals


Own it

Feeling and acting empowered is critical to drive results. We have an ‘owner mindset’ and each one of us takes full responsibility for the outcomes


Solve together

Leveraging our collective genius while holding each other accountable helps us to deliver the best. We collaborate proactively and transparently to achieve innovative solutions


Be empathetic

Embracing diversity makes us stronger, for differences are opportunities to learn. We work with passion to delight customers and deliver greater success to our stakeholders

Diversity, equity and inclusion


We foster an inclusive environment where everyone can freely be just who they are. Be heard, understood and empowered to contribute their best. We value the unique perspectives and experiences that each one of us brings. Together, we progress to build a stronger, more vibrant organisation.

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Employee development

Celebrating excellence

We celebrate the achievements of our people and support their journey towards career excellence. They are the driving force behind our success. Together, we unlock their full potential, empowering them to reach new heights and make a lasting impact in the automotive industry.

Career opportunities

Explore new roles and growth as per your interest.

Unlock suitable opportunities within Tata Motors through our meritorious IJP programme. Stretch and equip yourself with novel skills for professional growth through GeMs.

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Professional development

Achieve your aspirations.

Embark on a journey of continuous learning with comprehensive development programmes designed to enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge and nurture your leadership abilities.

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Learning and skilling

Unleash your potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, we offer opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through our Learning Advisory Council and the Tata Motors Academy.

Industry academia partnerships

Foster a brighter future with collaborative research, knowledge exchange and skill development.

Our extensive two-way partnering with institutes is designed to meet the evolving demands of both industry and academia.

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Employee benefits

Investing in your success

We offer a comprehensive range of benefits – industry benchmarked compensation, family healthcare, flexible work arrangements and opportunities for personal and professional development. Your success is our priority.

Compensation and benefits

Unlock your potential with competitive salaries and a wide range of benefits designed to support your financial wellbeing.

Career development

Empower your growth and advance your career with our robust career development policy.

Health and wellbeing

Your health matters to us. Enjoy a range of wellness benefits, from comprehensive healthcare to holistic wellness programmes.

Choose a future of possibilities.

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