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Passenger vehicles

Road to freedom

New forever

We are India's leading home-grown player, the third largest car manufacturer in India's growing passenger vehicle (PV) sector. Our unending quest for innovation, coupled with our commitment to delighting customers, keeps us ahead of the curve. Our cars and SUVs, admired for their cutting-edge designs, robust performance, and seamless connectivity, are available in a variety of fuel options and body styles, offering optimal safety and an exceptional driving experience.

As we shape the present and envisage the future, we are moving into an era that's energising, electrifying and exhilarating.

No. 1




` 47,868 Cr



Units sold


% share of
consolidated revenue


Retail market

* Includes TMPV, TPEM, TMETC, Trilix and joint operation FIAPL. Data is for FY23.

Our brands

Different by design

Sustainability is the North Star that guides our designers to visualise the future. Our human-centric design language prioritises interior over exterior, with function leading form. The result is an irresistible array of unique body styles and designs embodying some of the most safe, spacious, comfortable and stunning vehicles seen on Indian roads.

Our brands

Ultimately bold

Tata Motors' SUV range blends luxury with adventure. From uncharted paths to urban landscapes, embrace the wheel for unmatched power, performance and style.

Our brands

Future-ready today

Offering a glimpse into tomorrow's vision, we relentlessly push innovation, design, technology and performance boundaries, propelling us towards sustainable mobility.


Closer to customer

Our priority is to deliver service excellence consistently, at every touchpoint and on every occasion. Innovative service formats
on-ground and digitally, make it easier for customers to connect with us. We respond quickly, deliver faster turnarounds and build deeper relationships.

Future of mobility

Designing the future
of transportation



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Count on us to push frontiers and reimagine the future.

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