Business verticals

Where innovation thrives

Ignite your passion

Explore the diverse and exciting opportunities available. From cutting-edge design and engineering to innovative manufacturing and customer-centric sales, discover your passion and drive forward your career.

Sales and marketing

Unleash your persuasive prowess, and sharp understanding of customer needs to drive business success.

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Engineering and R&D

Ignite innovation and shape the future through groundbreaking technologies and pioneering research.

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Manufacturing and operations

Drive efficiency and precision in our state-of-the-art facilities to produce exceptional vehicles with unparalleled quality.

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Purchase and supply chain

Optimise sourcing and logistics to ensure seamless flow of materials, enabling timely production and delivery.

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Quality assurance

Uphold rigorous standards and continuously improve processes to deliver products that meet the highest quality benchmarks.

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Enabling functions

Support the organisation’s success through diverse roles in HR, Finance, IT and more, driving operational excellence and strategic growth.

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Student programmes

Kickstart your career with valuable hands-on experience and mentorship, unlocking opportunities for growth and development.

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Discover the future of zero-emission technology and superior transportation solutions.

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