Governance and regulatory information

Corporate governance

Tata Motors’ corporate governance philosophy is further strengthened with the adherence to the Tata Business Excellence Model as a means to drive excellence.


Tata Code of Conduct

The Tata Code of Conduct represents the values and core principles that guide the conduct of every Tata business. The Code lays down the ethical standards that Tata colleagues need to observe in their professional lives. First crafted in 1998 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ratan Tata, it defines a value system which has endured since the Group was founded in 1868.


Tata Motors has several policies in place that documents relevant guidelines for different areas of operation, whereby rules are stated through which conformation to norms may also be monitored.

Tata Motors’ policies lay the guidelines for our operations spread across different geographies. Our strict adherence to them helps us collectively move forward with a unified approach.